Neat is Sexy

Published June 14, 2012 by chey01144

Can I Hold Your Hand ?

Went out tonight (Cinema) to watch ‘The Pact’. I guess the guys were in the mood for a good scary one. Unfortunately that didn’t turn out to be the exact case of the movie *bummer* but was still a good night.

I couldn’t help but admire one of the guy’s hands though. Yeah, you must have thought for a second, “what?”. I mean that wasn’t my first time meeting him or us hanging out together but they’re so neat I couldn’t help but notice it for the one hundredth time. It’s … a bit weird; if I’m using the correct expression. His nails was cut short, clean, smooth, soft hands and to me that is a major turn on. It may sound weird but I can’t stop thinking about them. I personally think that’s sexy and attractive ! Seriously though, how many guys does one know pays attention to the appearance of his hands and fingers so much or so often. 1? 2? .. The point is, not many. But when you do meet them, trust you’ll probably be as amazed as I am.


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