Home is where the Heart is

Published June 25, 2012 by chey01144

Home is where the Heart is

Beginning to get the eeks* about this place. I’m super irritated and I just really miss home. I started comparing things here to back home but it’s gotten to a point where I think I sound annoying and whiny and maybe a tad bit disrespectful. England is a great place.. I like my friends, I like the way somethings work, I don’t like the fact that they’re not up to date with movies, I love the dialect, I don’t like the racism issues and I love the fashion; But the weather. Oh My this weather ! I HATE it ! Absolutely horrendous. I really can’t wait to visit St Lucia ): .. OH OH ! And speaking of movies, I am getting sick and tired of going to watch a movie and being told that the movie is 15 and over and I can’t go in -_- … I’m practically 18; But apparently I’m lying and my actual age is 12. No Biggy though, to me it’s sort of a compliment. I guess I’m ageing pretty damn good ! yay* to that.

Sigh* A little more patience I guess?


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