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Sweet Home

Published July 29, 2012 by chey01144

Sweet Home

It’s been a while I actually blogged .. Dunno, just haven’t really had the time I guess; or maybe I do I Just keep forgetting.

Sweet St Lucia .It feels good to be home though, but man I miss England. Did not realise how much I wanted to stay till I got to the airport and saying my final good-byes. But what an experience it was.

It’s been hot here though, urmm..I was pretty much always out the house for the first week and a half, and now it’s like..Just nothing to do. I’m tired of here already, everything is just so slowwww .. I know how much I sound like a spoiled, don’t know what she wants type of person right now but the transition is soooo significant. sigh* But as slow as it may be, it’s still been pretty hectic for me having to sort myself out for school; but I try not to make to many things a problem so there isn’t much of a toll taken. My friends are awesome and I’m just trying to enjoy the little time that I do have left on the island.

In with the good, out with the bad


I Said Wah ?

Published July 9, 2012 by chey01144

I Said Wah ?

Yep ! It was the weekend people, and what do we usually do on a weekend ? That’s right – Party. You know live it up a little, blow a little steam, let our hair loose, whatever you call it these days. And that is exactly what I did.. past the point.

I have been in hibernation for the past maybe 4 months now. Haven’t been to a single rave and I finally got my chance last night. How did that go you’re dying to ask ? Well, you know how some us get overly emotional when drunk ? or aggressive or calm ? Let’s just say I get overly confident. I tend to say things I wouldn’t normally say when sober. A good thing maybe but … Anyway, guess who decided to pick up their phone and drunk text a certain someone ? ONLY yours truly !
I just had to. Did I flirt with this guy ? Yes. Did I call this guy a sexy pine tree? Yes. Did I feel like the biggest jackass the morning after? What do you think !

The thing is, I don’t even know if I like Pine trees or what they do or how they grow .. A pine tree was the last thing on my mind; well obviously not, because apparently I think they’re sexy and I’m attracted to them.

Man I really hope I can sit back and have a goood laugh at this someday, but right now I’m a bit too embarrassed to even think of having a NORMAL conversation with this guy, far less to even look him in the face without thinking that he probably thinks I’m crazy and have issues.