Published August 16, 2012 by chey01144


I said I wouldn’t let it happen again, but the first love is always the sweetest right? More like bitter sweet perhaps. This one says that, whiles the other does and says something else. It’s all a stupid competition that I honestly don’t want to be apart of. Not only because I know way better than to waste my time engaging in disputes that may never benefit me in the long run, but because I have put up with enough to know damn well this isn’t what I deserve.

Now I know that “feeling”, wasn’t love and butterflies and all good things, most of it was common sense leaving my body, drifting away leaving me high off stupidity. We put in so much time, so much effort; Being so engulfed in the present, making decisions based only on how we feel at the moment, that the possibilities of the “what if” or the “maybe” never seem to exist. An then we end up giving people the time of day and the respect they don’t deserve from us. And you sit and think that your life is some sort of fairytale. HA !


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