I’ll Be Fine;Just Not Today

Published August 16, 2012 by chey01144

I'll Be Fine :)

How do you end something that never started but you know was always and will always be there ? How do you come to agree with someone that you’re in love with that you both want different things and “being together” isn’t one of them ? That you’re better apart and that you think you both should move on with your lives?
Reality always over rules and sooner or later it will; as much as some of us try to run away from it. As much as we made something blindly misunderstood seem so real, so important, so much like … fate ? :S How do you say Good-Bye to the only one that made you feel ever so alive again? Someone who at the time felt so genuine and trustworthy to give it all too? Your heart, your body, your trust, your word, your promise …your love. Even when you promised yourself never to be blind to such deceit ever again. But the second time around, you fall and you fall harder than ever. Because it felt so good. And after all has been said and done .. How do you accept that maybe .. it’s just not meant to be?

Optimistically, I believe that things happen and they happen for a reason. That God never gives us burdens he knows we cannot bare. Sometimes the things we want the most, are the things we’re better off without, but that don’t mean we stop thinking about what having it, be it for the first, second or third time, would be like. Hearts Break, tears are shed, loved ones are lost … I’ll cry, I’ll be bitter, I’ll be lost, I’ll be angry- BUT I’ll be fine, just not today.


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