Oldest New Obsession

Published August 17, 2012 by chey01144

Oldest New Obsession

Ahhhh ! Tattoos. Shades and shapes, letters and portraits, stained tissues and spilled ink. I’m thinking I’m wayyy overdue. 6 years overdue at that! Thinking about it, I was pretty much obsessed at getting one at some point. I even wanted to open up a shop of my own, which is still definitely a goal of mine to be accomplished.
I’ve substituted my wanting though, for piercings and colouring and cutting of my hair. I’ve went from long, to short, to shaved sides, to curly, to blue, to red, to blonde and now to rusty orange, which I must warn might soon change as well. All just temporary image enhancers though. I’ve never been accustomed to one look. I think being spontaneous is an essential part of life. Trying new things. But obviously with discretion and that’s something I’ve always tried to use.They say when that ink settles in though, it becomes somewhat of an addiction and eventually as time passes you feen and feen. Something I think I’d like to experience for my own.
For now I’m still trying to figure out the perfect place to lay one on. (You know, since it’s permanent and all that) and being the picky twerky person that I am, it is a challenge to decide on a location. I’ve thought of the word “life” in Arabic on my womb area, near the caesarian line, but then I thought what if I had a caesarian section birthing a child…that could be pretty messy, No. Then I thought of music notes behind my ear, which to me has become way to common these days, No. Believe me I have scanned and unfortunately still searching. Certain places though I wouldn’t dare go. For example I think tattoos on the thighs are ghetto. Tattoos on the lower back and lower front hip/waist area, a bit slutty, Sleeve, a bit too masculine .. And so on and so forth. I don’t know. Be it now or later or maybe, just maybe for my 18th birthday. I’m just saying. You never know right ?!


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