Brain trip

Published September 12, 2012 by chey01144

Brain trip

Disappointed that I didn’t even write about my first day. But then again who does that any more. This is college ! But I’m lame like that so here goes.

New school year, new subjects, new faces, new teachers and an absolutely DIFFERENT environment. This isn’t secondary school where you hafta wear uniforms (which I sooo prefer by the way, cause this whole finding something to wear thing is killing me) and a dress code for when your out of uniform or you knock on the door when your late or raise your hand or no use of your cell phone during class and all that mannerism, discipline stuff. This is American college, where it’s never too short or a bit too revealing or fits to closely. It’s been 2 days and I don’t think I’ve gotten used to the amount of ass (if I may) that I’ve seen. The environment is so loose that it’s so easy to fall into. I keep forgetting they’re not all kids though. When I say kids I mean 18 19, which is where my little self falls under *screams* I probably look 12 next to the 18 year olds there. Ahh, never the less it’s okay..for now..I guess.

Made any friends? urmm .. no lol .. I think I’m just a bit anti social like that. Well not really but …. blaaaah..It’s only the third day ! Today’s actually meant to be block party. the day that I have a full day of class : / Grr*. Then again it’s not like I’d actually go. Go and speak to who ? Exactly.


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