Live, Laugh, Love

Published September 17, 2012 by chey01144

Live, Laugh, Love

1. A shrug of the shoulder when things don’t get done 2. Singing in the shower 3. True lasting values 4. Getting carried away 5. Decorating magazines 6. Succulence 7. Modern Art 8.Feelings of security 9. Wicker Park 10. The cool underside of a pillow 11. Swing sets 12. Whispering 13. Do not disturb signs 14. Looking back at the past with as much pleasure as you get from looking forward to the future 15. Sexy music 16. Paying attention to how different kinds of music affect you 17. Elmer’s Glue-All 18. The soft feel of cotton sheets 19. Life Savers 20. Raiding the refrigerator 21. Friendship 22. Sitting down and reading all your old love letters 23. Extra rest 24. Saying yes 25. Places where you can lunch in a swimsuit 26. Learning to say no 27. Good humours 28. Goodnights 29. Summertime 30. Graduation 31. A chance to sleep in 32. Midnight phone calls 33. Being happy together 34. Falling in love again 35. People who understand there’s a lot to you 36. The silence of close friendships 37. Being lovey dovey 38. The sound of the wind 39. Sun, sea and sunset 40. Sea breeze 41. Frying eggs 42. Leg warmers 43. “Firing up” 44. Laughing till you cry 45. Watching it snow 46. After-shave 47. Reminiscing 48. Pasta salad 49. Saying sure 50. Longing for certain happinesses 51. Aunt Jemima 52. Coincidences 53. Extra kisses 54. Colours and textures borrowed from outdoors 55. Eating alone 56. “I Love You” 57. Out of order escalators 58. Keeping a secret 59. Whispering in the dark 60. Kisses: love’s punctuation marks 61. A flawless sea 62. Kicking your baggage to the airport counter 63. Unexpected phone calls 64. Flirting for no reason 65. Curling toes 66. Talking to yourself 67. An empty parking spot 68. Thinking good thoughts 69. Walking tall 70. Saying what’s on your mind 71. The feel of soft rug under bare feet 72. Equal rights 73. Privacy 74. Hot chocolate on a chilly night 75. Dreams and imaginations 76. Night lights 77. Talking heart to heart 78. Common sense 79. Soccer socks 80. Staring off into space


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