Published September 23, 2012 by chey01144


You’d think that because your day started off a bit on the good side, you’d end up going to bed with it that way.

First school soccer game attending. #17. Tall, perfectly handsome, sun kissed and gorgeous.

There was uphill where possibilities were endless and then, there was downhill.

This is my analogy of the situation: It’s like noticing the unhealthy of being over weight. You look in the mirror, you go “hey, this is bad .. I need to do something about this”. You decide to put measures in place. So you cut off certain things and you inhabit healthier ones. You take it so slow, so you start eating better first. Then you decide to step it up and go to the gym. You burn 250 calories. Proud so you reward yourself .. Only to gobble back in 300. Taking 1 step forward and then 10 back.

In reality a lot of us think we’re putting the past behind us. You feel like your going somewhere no matter how slow your moving only to realize that all you’re doing is subconsciously finding a replacement.

So here you are, almost back to where you started and the only thing stopping your from taking that last step backward, right back to your beginning, is your pride.


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