Just a thought

Published September 25, 2012 by chey01144

Just a thought

I find it ultimately hard to stay motivated sometimes. My energy and mood is as unpredictable as an irregular period cycle. One minute I’m beaming with ideas the other minute I doubt them and think of the endless negative or unsuccessful possibilities that could dominate.

It’s the patience I think that I lack that no J. M. Gracia book could possibly teach me. It’s a self training thing I suppose … which also requires patience. See where I’m going with this? If it was only possible for me to accomplish a task right then and there, right at the first hour of thinking about it, Oh the achievements. Herreee wee goooo …. take for example this post. I don’t even remember what it was meant to be about so now I’m in doubt as to whether or not I should even click that “Publish” button on the side. I might just .. I might just not. I’m only still typing because .. well … it’s my blog and there’s really nothing else to do around here other than procrastinate on the idea of even looking at my assignments for school.

I should probably write a book. If only writing a book could’ve been done in under an hour, if my interest could bare to last so long. But maybe it could, given all my FML moments and the annoying yet exciting drama’s of my “not even 2 decades yet” of existence.


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