Coincidence .. I hope

Published September 30, 2012 by chey01144

Coincidence .. I hope

Rather than being on your computer like you usually are, you decide to watch t.v instead; and out of all the interesting channels you could be watching, you’re somehow watching that channel; and out of all the movies that could be playing on that channel, that movie is playing; and out of a guh-zillion names to be chosen from, one character has that name.

I’d like to believe in coincidence over this hopeless romantic bullshit, but at this point I’m looking for every single right reason to cave when I know it should be the last thing on my to do list. But it’s all to familiar the way things fall right into place. My subconscious is scolding me, making sure that her bottle of guilt-ka (guilt flavoured vodka) is in effortless reach and she’s threatening to drink the whole bottle. She’s gathered the left over dusts of my pride in front of a fan, and she’s threatening to turn the switch on, leaving it all scattered and unable to be reassembled; And lemme tell you, she don’t bluff. Bitch !


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