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Kiss & Blog

Published November 14, 2012 by chey01144

Kiss & Blog

Due to my non existent social life, guess who’s some how (I swear I don’t know how it happened) into reading. Ah yes! Yours truly.

Saturday afternoon called for a nice bus ride to Barnes and Nobles Down town. Rewarded myself with a new journal as well after picking up this book. “Kiss and Blog”. It’s pretty much about ….. well … your typical High school teenage (almost) best friends. Long story short..One gets popular, the other doesn’t and takes revenge by creating a nasty blog about her best friend revealing all of her dirty little secrets. Girl drama indeed.

It really just had me thinking the lengths we go for popularity though. To be known. To be noticed. Not realizing what it comes with. I mean let’s face it, you’re probably not going to be liked by many for your “upper status”. Fight downs, haters… whatever we call them these days. I’m probably barely making any sense with this post and should probably stop since I feel like I’m getting no where with it. I think maybe because I haven’t put in such deep thought into it as I should have before attempting to post. This is really just a graze of the scalp, so bare with me. But really though, I mean we’ve seen the outcome of most of these prom queens, I can’t imagine what’s so great about the rants and name calling and rumours; I must be missing out. But it’s high time we realized maybe we’re not all meant to be Princes and Princesses. Some of us are meant to be the trees and the grass in the background, the rocks on the river bed and as unbelievable and nonsensical as it may seem, we’re just as important as the Prince and Princess. I’m pretty sure Mr n Mrs Charming didn’t lay on the desert sands… or whatever (oh lord I’m bad at jokes). I’m just saying maybe the spotlight isn’t for everyone, neither is it as good as it may seem. But like all situations and circumstances known, someone has to be an example, which I feel is just life. How else would we learn and know better. You’d think obviously by learning from others, when it’s clearly not the case. IF though, by any circumstance it can be avoided, I say why not avoid it. I know common sense is probably not as common as we may think it to be but let’s not be so dumb about the decisions we make, the things we say, the way we act and the things or people we chose to follow and take to look up to.


Brain trip

Published September 12, 2012 by chey01144

Brain trip

Disappointed that I didn’t even write about my first day. But then again who does that any more. This is college ! But I’m lame like that so here goes.

New school year, new subjects, new faces, new teachers and an absolutely DIFFERENT environment. This isn’t secondary school where you hafta wear uniforms (which I sooo prefer by the way, cause this whole finding something to wear thing is killing me) and a dress code for when your out of uniform or you knock on the door when your late or raise your hand or no use of your cell phone during class and all that mannerism, discipline stuff. This is American college, where it’s never too short or a bit too revealing or fits to closely. It’s been 2 days and I don’t think I’ve gotten used to the amount of ass (if I may) that I’ve seen. The environment is so loose that it’s so easy to fall into. I keep forgetting they’re not all kids though. When I say kids I mean 18 19, which is where my little self falls under *screams* I probably look 12 next to the 18 year olds there. Ahh, never the less it’s okay..for now..I guess.

Made any friends? urmm .. no lol .. I think I’m just a bit anti social like that. Well not really but …. blaaaah..It’s only the third day ! Today’s actually meant to be block party. the day that I have a full day of class : / Grr*. Then again it’s not like I’d actually go. Go and speak to who ? Exactly.

Another Slice of Heaven

Published September 12, 2012 by chey01144

Another Slice of Heaven

It’s been too long. Uping and downing.. it’s really just been crazy. Even through al that I’ve still had some of the best vacations. Coming back from St Lucia and then heading down to Barbados. I am blessed. As Jack must work, Jack must play.

I’ve been to Barbados once as far as I can remember, and it was merely for a day or so. This time I got to actually enjoy it a bit more. There’s always room for better but as it could’ve been better, it could’ve been worse as well. I love the island though. The beach is AMAZING. The water is crystal clear, the sand is pearl white, the accent is annoying and the sun was blazing hot. I found it so ridiculous how much darker I had gotten .. yikes ! winter please hurry. I can’t wait to head back down there again, perhaps stay out a little more and visit a lot more places.

Counting down my air time this year, it’s stupendous. But I’m back in the NY now, with no idea as to when I’ll see another country again but I’m hoping it’s soon. Next stop, Miami? or maybe back to England .. who knows (:


Published August 26, 2012 by chey01144


Out again. Vacation is over. Making ends meet, putting things together, taking up a whole lot of responsibilities.. looking out for the long run; MY long run.
The life is about to begin and I’m just trying to stay open minded, and stay focused. It’s hard when there’s so much going on around you, but I’m learning to stay humble and be patient. My time to be calling shots isn’t here just yet. First I must humble, to listen and to have faith.
It’s a whole new attitude that I’m trying to in cooperate into my life that I know will take some time getting into but at the very same time benefit me in the end. I know it won’t be easy but as humans we learn to adapt over a period of time. Adjust and adapt as change is inevitable right ?
It’s a new start and I’m grateful. With prayer and faith in the most high, I know I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me.

One of many days tomorrow. Wish me luck !

Sweet Home

Published July 29, 2012 by chey01144

Sweet Home

It’s been a while I actually blogged .. Dunno, just haven’t really had the time I guess; or maybe I do I Just keep forgetting.

Sweet St Lucia .It feels good to be home though, but man I miss England. Did not realise how much I wanted to stay till I got to the airport and saying my final good-byes. But what an experience it was.

It’s been hot here though, urmm..I was pretty much always out the house for the first week and a half, and now it’s like..Just nothing to do. I’m tired of here already, everything is just so slowwww .. I know how much I sound like a spoiled, don’t know what she wants type of person right now but the transition is soooo significant. sigh* But as slow as it may be, it’s still been pretty hectic for me having to sort myself out for school; but I try not to make to many things a problem so there isn’t much of a toll taken. My friends are awesome and I’m just trying to enjoy the little time that I do have left on the island.

In with the good, out with the bad

I Said Wah ?

Published July 9, 2012 by chey01144

I Said Wah ?

Yep ! It was the weekend people, and what do we usually do on a weekend ? That’s right – Party. You know live it up a little, blow a little steam, let our hair loose, whatever you call it these days. And that is exactly what I did.. past the point.

I have been in hibernation for the past maybe 4 months now. Haven’t been to a single rave and I finally got my chance last night. How did that go you’re dying to ask ? Well, you know how some us get overly emotional when drunk ? or aggressive or calm ? Let’s just say I get overly confident. I tend to say things I wouldn’t normally say when sober. A good thing maybe but … Anyway, guess who decided to pick up their phone and drunk text a certain someone ? ONLY yours truly !
I just had to. Did I flirt with this guy ? Yes. Did I call this guy a sexy pine tree? Yes. Did I feel like the biggest jackass the morning after? What do you think !

The thing is, I don’t even know if I like Pine trees or what they do or how they grow .. A pine tree was the last thing on my mind; well obviously not, because apparently I think they’re sexy and I’m attracted to them.

Man I really hope I can sit back and have a goood laugh at this someday, but right now I’m a bit too embarrassed to even think of having a NORMAL conversation with this guy, far less to even look him in the face without thinking that he probably thinks I’m crazy and have issues.